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Who is X Factory?

X Factory is a collective of musicians from Texas and other far off places that have gathered in Austin.  Each musician has over forty-five years of professional experience in a variety of musical styles, creating a blend of flavors that is out of the ordinary!

X Factory is available for your event - weddings, corporate parties, fundraisers and more.  Contact us to learn more about booking your event.


Michael Ryan

Michael hails from the Chicago suburbs, bringing with him decades of professional performance.  With experience on the mandolin, keys, bass, drums - even the viola - Michael's love is the guitar.  He has played across the United States and beyond, into South America.


Henry Crafts

Henry started on the guitar at 14 years old and was performing professionally by 18 around Brownsville, TX. On bass and vocals, Henry has added his talents to many bands over the last 50 years.


Corky Groat

Corky sprang up in small-town Indiana, and started playing for friends and at parties in the early 1960's.  By the late 70's, he moved to Austin and joined the music scene.  In addition to X Factory, Corky co-hosts a regular successful Musicians Jam in Austin.



David Sensat

David picked up the guitar in 1966, and played parties and events around Beaumont, TX.  After playing with different bands in Texas and Louisiana, David and friends formed Sensat Blue in Port Arthur, TX.  David has been in Austin since 1989, playing with many bands in the area.

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